What to expect with my ThermoLift RF treatment?

It is important and standard practice prior to any RF treatment to have a comprehensive consultation. This is where you can communicate your goals for the treatment whilst your Neue therapist can assess your problem areas and devise the best course of action. At this time, a thorough assessment of your skin concerns is performed, any post treatment requirements detailed, and your overall expected outcome communicated to you.

During the procedure, your therapist will use the hand piece over the treatment area. With each pulse of radio frequency, you will feel a brief sensation of heat. The ThermoLift radio frequency technology working to restore your skin’s elasticity and deliver a smoother, more even texture. As your aesthetician makes multiple passes over the treatment area, they will monitor your comfort and adjust the power of the hand piece accordingly. Our aim is to keep you as comfortable as possible while delivering dramatic results. As a leading procedure for body contouring and skin tightening, thermal RF gives you an opportunity for real change in your appearance. Over time, you will see a dramatic improvement in wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines. Our ThermoLift is a completely non-invasive procedure and causes no damage to the surface of your skin. Because of this, you can resume daily activities immediately following the procedure.

What is Thermal RF?

Thermal RF uses radio frequency technology to deliver heat energy to deeper layers of the skin while concurrently cooling the skins surface. This first tightens the underlying layers of your skin giving your body a boost in natural collagen production. Both these effects serve to give you a smoother, more youthful appearance wherever the treatment is delivered. Our ThermoLift has a unique feature to keep you completely comfortable during the procedure. The treatment tip delivers a series of micro-pulses and heats the underlying layers of skin, whilst simultaneously cooling the surface of the skin. This not only keeps the client comfortable during the procedure, it also protects the outer layers of skin from damage. Thermal RF skin tightening, requires no downtime and no recovery period, and is perfect for clients looking for tighter, more youthful skin without the risk of needles, incisions or surgery.

How does Thermal RF work?

Neue’s advanced thermal RF face and body sculpting works by producing heat, transferring it deep into skin tissue. This stimulates the movement of positive and negative ions, which heat collagen tissue under the dermal layer and accelerate blood circulation within the subcutaneous tissue. The thermal RF then prompts fibrous tissue to shrink instantly, stimulating long-term collagen refreshment and reconstruction. Our ThermoLift can penetrate approximately 7mm under the skin tissue to effectively stimulate skin collagen remodelling, restoring your skin’s elasticity and deliver a smoother, more even texture.