What to expect from my Micro-Blading treatment?

Your micro-blading journey with Neue begins with a comprehensive consultation and patch test, which is conducted 3-4 weeks prior to your Micro-blading treatment. Neue prides itself on taking this time to work one on one with all our clients, to help you understand the treatment process: patch testing, pre-treatment requirements, personal design, colour choice, and post-treatment recommendations are all extensively covered.

After you fill out your Micro-blading check list you will be escorted into our designated Micro-blading treatment room where you will notice the highest hygiene standards are implemented. Once our highly qualified and experienced technician assesses your check list they will take you through the treatment process and personally design a treatment plan just for you.

On completion of the treatment plan, a patch test will be conducted using the colour and technique selected. This will give you and your technician a chance to observe the healed result to determine if the colour will heal in the skin to everyone’s satisfaction. You will then receive a simple, yet comprehensive after care information package to answer any remaining questions, to ensure you will be completely happy and satisfied with your Micro-blading treatment in Coffs Harbour.

In the following days, a Neue staff member will call to monitor the outcome of your patch test, confirming the initial colour selection and treatment reaction. This important process ensures you will be completely confident with your new look with no unforeseen side effects.

The next time we see you, will be for your Micro-blading treatment in Coffs Harbour armed with the knowledge that you are in the best hands possible. You will be confident Neue’s clinic hygiene standards are second to none, you will know exactly what your treatment entails, what to expect during the post treatment process , and most importantly that you will achieve the exact look and colour you desire.

All treatments include a complimentary perfecting session 4-6 weeks later so that your personal Neue Micro-blading technician can perfect the area, and add any final touches to your new look.

What is Micro-Blading?

Whether you like them straight and bold or arched and feathered, your eyebrows are one of your most important features. Maybe you’ve tried every trick you know of, and still can’t get them exactly the way you want them. For those who aren’t satisfied with their natural brows for whatever reason, there are several ways to update them, including eyebrow pencils, gels, and even tattooing. But arguably the best option for less-than-perfect eyebrows is a technique called Micro-blading.

Micro-blading delivers natural-looking, semi-permanent results. If you want to define, fill in, or fully reconstruct your brows, Micro-blading could be the perfect solution. This treatment is also suitable for those who would simply like to add a slight arch to their brow shape.

Micro-blading is a form of cosmetic tattooing, but it differs from traditional cosmetic tattooing in some fundamental ways. Unlike the machine used in regular cosmetic tattooing, micro-blading involves the use of a handheld tool that the practitioner uses to draw hair-like strokes that mimic your eyebrows’ natural hairs. The pigmentation is not deposited as deeply as with regular tattooing, but it’s still a type of tattoo because the colour is deposited under the top layer of skin.

How does Micro-Blading work?

Micro-blading is a meticulous process that takes time – usually around two hours. The practitioner draws the strokes on one by one, making it a truly customised treatment that gives you a natural look designed for you specifically. Results last up to 12-18months.

First, a topical numbing cream is applied to the treatment area.This helps to minimise discomfort during the treatment. You may feel some slight discomfort, but one of the best things about Micro-blading is that there is no downtime. You’ll be able to go about your business right after your treatment. You’ll return for a perfecting session after about a month, at which time you will probably need a small touch-up as it is a building process. This is normal, and the healing process is different for everyone.

Micro-blading is also low maintenance. No special care is required once healing is complete. You can rub your eyebrows, go swimming, whatever you like – and your eyebrows will always look great. Most clients also love the convenience of waking up in the morning with perfect brows.

For a week or so before your treatment, you should stop drinking alcohol, taking aspirin and retinol – if you use these – because they can make your blood thinner and cause you to bleed more during the procedure. And what you do after your treatment is just as important as what you do before. Follow your practitioner’s instructions for aftercare carefully. These instructions will include things such as protecting your eyebrows from moisture and using Neue’s healing balm to protect the area.

Micro-blading is growing in popularity because of its natural-looking results, its low-maintenance nature, and the convenience of having beautiful brows all the time. For those who aren’t satisfied with their natural eyebrows for any reason, micro-blading is a great investment.