Unwanted tattoos

So the ink you once thought were a great idea are now unwanted tattoos. Well thankfully it is not as permanent as it once was and there is a safe way to effectively remove them. So how does it work? When your skin is tattooed, ink is injected deep into the dermis (the lower levels of the skin). The particles making up the ink are quite large, so once they have been injected they cannot be broken down by your body easily and are effectively permanent. This means it is very difficult to remove unwanted tattoos without causing trauma to the surrounding tissue. At Neue Skin Clinic we use one of the most advanced Q-switched lasers to deliver the safest and most effective technique to remove your unwanted tattoos. Our advanced Q-Switched Lasers produce extremely short pulses of high energy light, which are absorbed by the ink particles in your tattoo, causing them to break down into tiny fragments. The minute particles of tattoo ink are then disposed of naturally by the body’s own immune system, resulting in less tattoo pigment and gradual disappearance. Depending on the unwanted tattoos, multiple treatments may be needed, and these can be done every four to six weeks.

Unwanted tattoo treatment

At Neue Skin Clinics, we use picosecond lasers which are the fastest laser in the world today. The Pico lasers can deliver outstanding results for clients looking to remove their unwanted tattoos and can halve the treatment time required. We will consider every aspect of your tattoo, allowing your treatment to not only be effective, but also giving it a personal, individualized touch. Most importantly, our therapist’s our highly experienced and qualified in terms of laser operation and laser safety.