What is combination skin?

Typically, a combination skin has a different T-zone to the rest of the face. It is a tricky skin type to treat as both areas need a different routine. They may need different products, although this is easy to over-come. Since a combination skin can have two or more skin types, remember that you may need different products for each skin type so seek professional advice.

What causes combination skin?

Several factors contribute to the development of combination skin, but sometimes it’s just genetics. When it comes to this skin type, the causes and combinations vary from person to person. The areas around the face contain the most active sebaceous or oil glands. [5] So these areas are prone to developing a combination skin type.

There are also other causes of combination skin that are out of your control like the weather and your age. Winter can strip the skin of its natural oils and make it dry. While the sun’s ultraviolet rays can affect the function of the epidermis.

So, while you can’t change nature, there are several ways in which you can adjust your skin care routine for it to be more effective. Focus on those factors that can be modified to prevent combination skin.

What is the treatment for combination skin?

Individuals with combination skin need products that will not worsen the condition. It is vital to only use the appropriate products designed for the mix skin types you are experiencing.

You may need to use oil-absorbing products or lighter-weight gels and liquids for your T-zone. In addition, to using creams and lotions for drier parts of the face. Or it could mean using an anti-acne ointment over areas of breakout and moisturizers only over dry areas.

To treat combination skin:


Use our Quandong Cleanser for an oily combination skin. Or our Lemon Myrtle Cleanser for a normal combination skin. And our Floral Oil Cleanser for a dry combination skin.


Choose a hydrating spritz such as Neue’s Lilli Pilli Spritz which contains anti-inflammatory agents, soothing ingredients and vitamins. This will provide nourishment to dry and oily skin. Also formulated with the calming properties of rose, liquorice, aloe and hamamelis.


Serums are the powerhouse of skin care and will give you the essential ingredients with maximum results. Serums are not diluted as are moisturizers and they have a dramatic impact on the skin. Which serum to use is based on the type of combination skin you have. It is best to consult with your trained Neue skin professional.


Our skin is composed of natural oils, and is always in a constant fight for balance. In order to manage the sebaceous glands oil production, we need high-quality oils. Avoiding oil-free products will only result in the overproduction of natural oils by the skin. Thereby creating blemishes and breakouts. Our Marine Cream moisturiser has incredible hydrating qualities from the marine and watermelon seed extracts providing active vitamins in its formulation. It has a very light consistency and will not feel greasy on an combination skin.

Skin Exfoliation

IIt is best if the product you are using can manage oil production, clear pores and remove dry, flaky skin. In case of irritation or redness, you may use a natural chemical exfoliate. Exfoliation with our Pumice Skin Polish with ground pumice and 7% Glycolic Acid, provides many benefits. It lifts away dull, dry skin to improve texture and clarity. Extracts of grapeseed help tone and illuminate the complexion. Also helping to remove dead skin cells, leaving skin looking fresh, new and radiant.

Sun Protection

If sun exposure is inevitable, make sure to use sunscreen with SPF 30 to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays.[10] It’s ideal to use a mineral-based sunblock and we are proud stockists of Jane Iredale – The Skin Care Make Up. These sunblock’s sit on the surface of the skin. Chemical sunblock’s tend to absorb into the skin and are now being found in skin cancers.

If you’re still not sure about the best way to treat or nourish your skin, consult with a certified and qualified skin therapist who can recommend a prescribed skin care regimen.

In clinic treatments

A Bio Enzyme Treatment will gently exfoliate, hydrate and balance a combination skin. Alternately if you suffer from congestion and blackheads a Neue’s Medi-cleanse with extractions will help clear up the congested areas. Furthermore, a series of China Doll Laser Rejuvenation is fantastic for enlarges pores, black heads and mottled skins.


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