What can I expect from my Paramedical Facial?

At Neue, we pride ourselves on taking the time to work one on one with all our clients, to help you understand every step of the way. Personal expectations, pre-treatment requirements, treatment programme and post-treatment routines are all extensively covered. Once your fully qualified and highly experienced Neue skin therapist assesses your check list, an in-depth skin analysis using the latest technology is performed to identify the specifics of your skins condition. This will provide your therapist with all the information they need to accurately design a treatment plan perfectly suited to you.

At Neue, we have an extensive list of paramedical facials with each of them able to be tailored to specific skin types or conditions. So, your paramedical facial will be documented, comprehensive and perfectly suited to your skin. These facials may be the first step in variety treatments used to achieve outstanding results.

What are Paramedical Facials?

Paramedical facials combine beauty treatments with the latest cutting-edge medical technology to achieve healthy, beautiful skin. These treatments are performed by highly skilled technicians and offer fast, safe, and gorgeous results. Paramedical facials can be deeply exfoliating and hydrating treatments that can improve the appearance of any type of skin. Alternatively, they can be detoxifying and cleansing for an Acneic, problematic skin. When you choose one of these skin treatments, you’ll see results immediately: your skin will be visibly improved.

Alternatively, a Medi Peel may be recommended. We have a range of Medi Peels ranging from superficial to medium depth peels. Preparing the skin with recommended skin care may be necessary to achieve optimum results.

How do Paramedical Facials work?

How your treatment works depends on the type of treatment your skin therapist recommends for you. Neue’s Medi Cleanse will suit problematic, congested skins. This treatment will cleanse and detoxify the skin. Whether your skin issues are blackheads or milia your skin therapist will prepare the skin for hygienic, painless extractions after the suitable exfoliation process for you. Once the detox stage is completed your skin therapist may choose to finish with relaxing LED or a customize mask according to the needs of your skin. A Medi Cleanse may be prescribed as the first facial treatment for your skin and then continue to alternative treatments. Or a series of Medi Cleanses may be recommended for more challenging skins.

There are many different types of facials available. Regardless of the specific treatments chosen, each facial begins with a consultation and skin analysis, so that we can personalise the treatment to your individual needs. Your facial may be combined with treatments such as those mentioned above or others for an effective and enjoyable paramedical skin treatment that will include the use of the latest technology and skincare products to achieve the perfect results. Whether you want to improve the appearance of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, or another skin concern, we can tailor the ideal treatment plan that will allow you to see and feel results immediately after treatment. For sensitive dehydrated skins Neue offers the replenishing Bio Enzyme Boost. This facial will calm, smooth and soothe a compromised skin and again may be the first step of your skin programme or a series of sessions may be prescribed. Neue offers many modalities such as Ultrasonic infusion which can improve scarring, depleted skins and dehydration, in addition to IPL which can also be used for skin rejuvenation.