What to expect from my Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lift?

Our stunning range of Mink lashes vary in thickness and length so you may achieve whichever look you desire. We will listen carefully to you and provide some suggestions to ensure you will absolutely love your new eyelash extensions. Lash choice and placement are totally customised to your preference, from a beautiful natural fullness to a more dramatic look, we can do it all! Your first set of lashes will take between 90-120 minutes and the nap is on us! Prior to the application, your lashes are cleansed, prepped and groomed into place. Anti-aging gel pads are then placed over the lower lashes with each single Mink lash applied one by one directly to your individual eyelashes for an incredibly natural look and feel. Using a specialised black adhesive each individual lash is gently coated and placed along the natural eyelash, to increase their length and thickness, whilst adding a gorgeous curve.

At the completion of your treatment you will receive your own lash wand and a simple instruction sheet of how to care for your new lashes. You will also have the opportunity to purchase specialised lash shampoo and mascara to extend the life of your eyelash extensions. Eyelash Extensions last up to the lifetime of natural lashes, however, as the natural lashes drop out the refills can be performed every 3-4 weeks so you can enjoy your maximally enhanced lashes continuously with these touch-ups taking approximately 45 minutes. If you are already blessed with naturally long thick lashes then Lash Perming will give you a lovely long-lasting lash curve. We offer luscious lifted lashes that will last and last, and in the blink of an eye. Lash Perming uses traditional perming rollers to give you more of a lifting effect, right from the base of the eyelash. A perming solution is applied, neutralized… and presto! After the perm, we can even provide the final touches, by tinting your new lashes giving you long, curvy, black lashes. Just one 30-minute professional treatment is all it takes to deliver a sumptuous lash lift that is retained for up to 8 weeks, even after a shower or swim!

What are Eyelash Extensions and Perming?

For centuries, people have coveted longer, thicker eyelashes. Versions of false eyelashes have been available since the 1800s, but the look gained popularity in the 1960s when adhesive lashes designed for single use appeared on store shelves. Now, there’s an even longer-lasting and more natural-looking option: attaching individual lash extensions to existing lashes in the form of extensions. Mascara can help you achieve more defined eyes, but eyelash extensions are now the gold standard for lengthening and thickening your natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions differ from false eyelashes in some key ways. False eyelashes are usually small clusters or strips of lashes that you glue or stick directly to the skin next to your natural lashes. They are typically worn for the day and then removed. Lash extensions, by contrast, are single false lashes that a professional attaches directly to your existing lashes – not the skin of your eyelid – and can last two to four weeks.

Eyelash perming or lash lift uses the same technology used to make hair permanently curly. Lashes are coated with a special adhesive and then wrapped around small rollers. A perming solution is then applied to the lashes and, after five minutes or so, a neutralising solution is applied. After a few more minutes, the lashes have a new, curved shape that will remain even after sleeping, swimming, and showering.

How Eyelash Extensions work

It may seem like getting eyelash extensions would be a stressful process, with someone working so close to your eyes for a couple of hours, but it’s actually a pretty relaxing process. Your eyes are closed the whole time as your practitioner applies drops of adhesive painstakingly to the lash extensions and attach them one by one to your existing lash with tweezers, just a millimetre or so away from your eyelid. Eyelash extensions feel just like natural lashes. Most clients report that they don’t feel any tugging or weighing down of their existing lashes.

Once your eyelash extensions are complete, you can still wear mascara if you’d like to, but many clients find that they don’t need to. If you would like to wear mascara, apply it only to the tips of the extensions, and avoid waterproof formulas that are hard to remove. You should also choose liquid eyeliner over pencils, because oils and waxes may loosen the bond. For the same reason, avoid oil-based skin care products (including makeup removers) around the eye area. Keeping a lash comb or brush on hand is a good idea to straighten out bent or distorted lashes, such as from sleeping on your side or stomach.