What to expect from my Cosmetic Tattoo treatment?

Your Cosmetic Tattooing journey at Neue, begins with a comprehensive consultation and patch test, which is conducted 3-4 weeks prior to your Cosmetic Tattoo treatment. At Neue we pride ourselves on taking the time to work one on one with all our clients, to help you understand the treatment process: patch testing, pre-treatment requirements, personal design, colour choice, and post-treatment recommendations are all extensively covered.

After you fill out your Cosmetic Tattoo check list you will be escorted into our designated Cosmetic Tattoo treatment room where you will notice the highest hygiene standards are implemented. Once our highly qualified and experienced technician assesses your check list, they will take you through the treatment process and personally design a treatment plan just for you.

On completion of the treatment plan, a patch test will be conducted using the colour and technique selected. This will give you and your technician a chance to observe the healed result to determine if the colour will heal in the skin to everyone’s satisfaction. You will then receive a simple, yet comprehensive aftercare information package to answer any remaining questions, to ensure you will be completely happy and satisfied with your Cosmetic Tattoo treatment.

In the following days, a Neue staff member will call to monitor the outcome of your patch test, confirming the initial colour selection and treatment reaction. This important process ensures you will be completely confident with your new look, with no unforeseen side effects.

The next time we see you will be for your Cosmetic Tattoo, armed with the knowledge that you are in the best hands possible. You will be confident Neue’s clinic hygiene standards are second to none, you will know exactly what your treatment entails, what to expect during the post treatment process , and most importantly that you will achieve the exact look and colour you desire.

All treatments include a complimentary perfecting session 4-6 weeks later so that your personal Neue Cosmetic Tattoo technician can perfect the area, and add any final touches to your new look.

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

Cosmetic tattooing is a technique that uses permanent or semi-permanent pigmentation of the dermis to create designs that look like regular makeup, such as eyeliner or lipstick. Cosmetic tattooing can also be used to recreate the appearance of eyebrows lost due to ageing, cancer treatments, or genetic reasons. Individuals may also choose cosmetic tattooing to disguise scars or to restore the appearance of the areola after breast surgery.

People choose cosmetic tattooing for a number of reasons. They may find it difficult to apply makeup because of a condition that causes tremors or unsteady hands. They may want to save money on constantly replacing makeup; they may want to save time on applying makeup each day; or they may have allergies that prevent them from being able to use many regular makeup products, to name a few.

Neue Digital Cosmetic Tattooing uses the latest technology allowing us to create soft, delicate hair strokes, soft shadow brows or striking full brow effects. We can give you a gentle eyelash enhancement or a stunning tapered upper liner to make your life care free and low maintenance. Even if you have lost your lip line or want to improve the colour of your lips, Neue can create a subtle neutral lip colour or the most luscious full lips. Our range of organic colours is brighter, clearer and last longer due to their stable and dermatologically tested organic ingredients.

How does Cosmetic Tattooing work?

A trained practitioner will create Cosmetic Tattoos by injecting pigment into a client’s skin. This is accomplished via an electrically powered machine that moves a needle up and down rapidly to puncture the skin and deposit the pigment with each puncture. Although tattoos are visible on the skin, the colour sits just beneath the top layer of skin in the dermis. The dermis has far more stable cells, which allows the tattoo to stay in place longer with only minor fading.

Because tattooing punctures the skin, the potential for infection exists just as with any treatment or procedure that punctures the skin. Therefore, it’s important to receive cosmetic tattoos from an experienced professional who is knowledgeable about safety and uses sterilisation, disposable tools, and hand sanitation to protect their clients as well as themselves. To eliminate the possibility of contamination, most of the materials used for tattooing (such as colours, colour cups, needles, and gloves) are single-use only. These materials usually arrive in sterile packaging. When proper sterilisation and safety techniques are observed, and the client follows aftercare instructions carefully, the risk of infection is very low.