What to expect with my E-light treatment?

Prior to your E-light treatment it is important for you to have a comprehensive evaluation where you can communicate your treatment goals and your Neue therapist can assess your concerns whilst informing you of anticipated outcomes. During your consultation, a detailed treatment plan will be developed with you, based on your budget, timeframe and goals.

On the day of your treatment your Neue skin therapist will take you through to one of our stateoftheart treatment rooms. Based on your consultation and treatment plan they will begin to execute the procedure. We have a strong focus on client educating so you remain well informed on the treatment procedure and expected outcomes. Your Neue therapist will then commence the treatment by applying the handpiece to rejuvenate the skin and remove even minimally pigmented hair colours that other light solutions and lasers miss. The combination of IPL and Radio Frequency is significantly less melanin dependent, meaning less light energy is required compared to conventional IPLs, resulting in practically no side effects and greater comfort for patients during the treatment. The treatment is also wonderful for rejuvenating and tightening skin on the face and neck.

Post treatment you will be able to continue with your daily routine with little to no side effects. You will be informed of your progress, next treatment (if required) and any after care that may assist you in achieving your desired results.

What is E-light?

E-light combines IPL and Radio Frequency releasing precisely controlled pulses of filtered light that are absorbed by Melanin, the pigment in Hair. This heats up the hair and destroys the cells responsible for hair growth to achieve long term hair reduction. The big advantage of combining IPL and Radio frequency is it reaches deeper down and does not affect melanin in the skin, so all skin types can be treated, which IPL cannot alone. This can also target light grey and red hair. Also, by using this this latest technology together, it has the bonus of rejuvenating the skin at the same time leaving it softer than normal.

How does E-light treatment work?

Depending on the selected range of wavelengths, light energy is selectively absorbed by chromophores (melanin, haemoglobin) contained in hair, blood vessels or skin. In the process of absorption light energy is converted to thermal energy, which heats the hair, vessels, or skin cells. Because the electrical properties of the skin strongly depend on its temperature (hotter tissue has a lower electrical resistance), RF electric current, by passing through the skin, chooses its way through the tissue pre-heated by IPL light and selectively further increases the temperature. This combination of the two technologies delivers most advanced, complete and non-invasive skin aesthetic solution.